Digital Overdose

(aka. D.O. CON)


You can see our playlist with all of the talks on this YouTube playlist.


Digital Overdose is proud to announce that we are running a free online conference!

What will be spoken about? Information Security, Cybersecurity, OSINT, DevOps, Tech in general... Everything is on the table.

The catch? The only people able to speak there are rookies. Rookies not necessarily in the sense that they are new to Information Security or any of the other domains we've cited, but more specifically in the sense that they've never had the experience of talking at a conference previously!

Sounds cool right? That's what we think too!

So if you're free on the 17th and 18th of April (2021), then save the date, and feel free to mark yourself as attending on the LinkedIn Event page.

How much will it cost? / Attendance

The conference will be free for anyone to attend.

Approximately two weeks before the event, we will open an EventBrite where you can optionally acquire a ticket (for interest metrics only).

For more updates, follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn and don't hesitate to share with your friends and colleagues.

Our community is most active on Discord, so if you want you can pop in and tell us "Hi, I'm here for the conference"!

The stream of the conference will be publicly hosted on our YouTube channel, and if you miss a talk or a few, we will have the recordings up as fast as possible in the days following the event, with links to them on this page.