Digital Overdose

(aka. D.O. CON)

As of March 8th, 2021 at 01:00 GMT+1, we've closed our call for proposals.

The following is preserved for archival purposes.

Call for Proposals

Have we managed to pique your interest? Are you thinking of submitting a talk? That's awesome!

We have some good news then!
From now until March 7th 23:59 GMT+1, you may submit a talk proposal to this address: [email protected].

To make it nice and simple, we're thinking of 30 minute talks (25 minutes for the actual talk and 5 minutes for a Q&A).

And in the interest of making thinking about it as painless as possible, your proposal can be as simple as:

  • A title
  • The subject matter
  • A short description
  • Your name and any social media you're willing to share with us.

We will then forward the first three elements (and nothing more) to a blind panel, to make sure that everyone gets a fair shot at speaking for the first time!