Digital Overdose

(aka. D.O. CON)

As of April 18th, 2021 at 23:59 GMT+1, the conference has ended.

The following is preserved for archival purposes and perpetuity.


The courageous rookies that have thrown their hat in the ring with a talk idea, overcoming multiple hurdles such as the infamous impostor syndrome, the creative woes of writer's block among other trials of the mind.

Sarthak Taneja,


The Zero Trust Model


nxious, nxi0us

Creating a DevSecOps pipeline from scratch

Anastasiia Mytrofanovska

IPv6. Does size matter?

Tehreem Fahim,

Tem, BlackZero

Building an effective Red Team

Thomas Chen

Machine Learning for Humanitarian Good

Mariah Rucker

Defense Against the Dark (Cyber) Arts

Heather Lane,


Manual work: A noble and proven approach to open source investigations


An introduction to reverse engineering: ‘WannaCry’ killswitch domain