Contribution Guidelines

You have decided that you wanted to contribute a post to the Digital Overdose website, and you are wondering how you could get it posted?

General Guidelines

Your contributions will have to be evaluated by the website administrator, in order to validate that they are conform to our code of conduct and in the general ethic of the community. If your contributions do not follow the community guidelines, we reserve ourselves the right to refuse that your article be posted on this website.

But how to get there? Well, it is pretty easy! There are two options!

Option 1: You are comfortable with git, Angular, and TypeScript!

You may fork the GitHub repository located at, bring about your article following the guidelines in your own repository, and open a pull request!

Option 2: You are uncomfortable / have never heard of these technologies!

(And that's perfectly fine)

Please send an email to [email protected] with the information cited below. This protects both the author(s) of the article and the community by ensuring a level of traceability.

If it is your first time posting with us, we would like to help readers know who wrote the article, and as such we would want you to provide us with some information as specified below.

  • A name, a pseudonym or an alias.
  • A short description of what you do (in life, for work, things like that).
  • As many links to social media / blogs that you would want to promote.

All we need from you then is your article's structure:

  • A post title.
  • A short description of the article.
  • The content of your article with all of its images (as a README file, a Google Document, a PDF or similar).