Digital Overdose

Digital Overdose 2022

Conference CTF

Our third CTF is brewing, coming to you live from April 30th (00:00:00 GMT+2) until May 1st (23:59:59 GMT+2).

Type: Jeopardy

Domains: Pwn, Cloud, Crypto, OSINT, ...

Price: Free

Team size: Max. 4

CTF Time:  Link


  • 1st Place: 6 month PentesterLab Pro Voucher & TryHackMe 6 month Voucher & 1x8h or 1x6h or 2x4h Course(s) on OSINTION
  • 2nd Place: 3 month PentesterLab Pro Voucher & 1x6h or 1x4h Course on OSINTION
  • 3rd Place: 1 month PentesterLab Pro Voucher & 1x4 Course on OSINTION


The RACTF logo

The Really Awesome CTF team is providing us with a copy of the Infrastructure used for the Really Awesome CTF. A big heartfelt thank you to them.

It is accessible here.



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