Digital Overdose

Digital Overdose 2022

Conference CTF

Event updates

Our CTF is over after 48 hours of intense hacking.

We had 1118 participants in 719 teams participating in a neck and neck competition to complete each one of the 48 challenges!

The RACTF board of event statistics

Winning teams

  1. TU Delft CTF Team
  2. Team Flag Poisining
  3. Team Federal_Bonk_Investigations
The event leaderboard.

Our third CTF is brewing, coming to you live from April 30th (00:00:00 GMT+2) until May 1st (23:59:59 GMT+2).

Type: Jeopardy

Domains: Pwn, Cloud, Crypto, OSINT, ...

Price: Free

Team size: Max. 4

CTF Time:  Link


  • 1st Place: 6 month PentesterLab Pro Voucher & TryHackMe 6 month Voucher & 1x8h or 1x6h or 2x4h Course(s) on OSINTION
  • 2nd Place: 3 month PentesterLab Pro Voucher & 1x6h or 1x4h Course on OSINTION
  • 3rd Place: 1 month PentesterLab Pro Voucher & 1x4 Course on OSINTION


The RACTF logo

The Really Awesome CTF team is providing us with a copy of the Infrastructure used for the Really Awesome CTF. A big heartfelt thank you to them.

It is accessible here.



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