Privacy Policy

This website does not collect any data on any visitors.

Website Hosting Service

However, visitors should be aware that a subset of information cited below is collected by the hosting service (GitHub Pages) and the DDOS-mitigation and content delivery network service (CloudFlare), some of which can be viewed by any of the website administrators:

Information collected by CloudFlare

The following information can be viewed by the website administrator:
  • IP Address
  • User Agent
  • Timestamp of Visit
  • Content Visited
  • Raw Logs

The website administrator hereby guarantees they will not use any information collected by the hosting service for any purposes, be they business purposes, audience identification purposes, or other analytical purposes.

Website Indexing Service

This website uses the Google Search Console and meta tags in order to help the indexation of it's pages.

Overview statistics such as performance and coverage can be viewed by the website administrator.

Any other information collected by Google (Alphabet Inc.) is done so under the Terms of Service of the Google Search Engine.